What is Offset?


Offset is experimental technology, and not yet ready to use in production!

Offset is a credit card powered by trust between people. Payments in Offset are secure, fast and privacy respecting. In addition, Offset lets you pay with any currency you like.

Offset credit card

You can pay with Offset at the local grocery store by scanning a QR code, or buy something online from the other side of the world, even from someone you have never met. As a merchant, Offset gives you the freedom to sell without having to pay the extra fees to a payment processor.

Most importantly, Offset gives you the control. Offset is free and open source. There is no single “Offset server”, as Offset is fully decentralized. Your Offset credits fit nicely into your mobile phone, and you are the only one having control over those credits.

To use Offset you don’t need a previous credit history, a bank account, id card, phone number or even an email address. You can open as many Offset cards as you like, without having to pay any fees. Your Offset cards can not be frozen, and your transactions can not be tracked.

Offset moves the power of issuing money from the state to the market participants. Therefore, Offset credits are protected from inflation. While the currencies of the world are constantly depreciating in value, Offset credits hold to their original value.