The idea for Offset began somewhere in 2010 during a call to my bank, where I was asking to cancel my credit card. After some inquiries, the banker on the other side of the line finally concluded he is not willing to cancel my credit card.

Baffled by the banker’s response, I asked how is it possible that I can not cancel my own credit card. The banker laughed and answered that the credit card is not truly mine, it belongs to the bank. He then pursued asking if I happen to be interested in some kind of loan, because according to my history of transactions, I might be eligible for one.

I hung up the phone feeling confused. That conversation set me up for a journey learning about the nature of money, and how to decentralize the power over it back to the people.

10 years later, with the help of many friends along the way, the basic technology is complete. For the first time I can hold in my hand a credit card that is truly mine.

– real