Initial Setup

Hey, welcome to the advanced usage tutorial for Offset. Going through this tutorial requires minimal familiarity using the command line interface on your computer.

You will also need a working desktop computer. Offset should work correctly on Windows, Linux and macOS.


To use this tutorial, you first need to download an Offset release suitable for your system. You can download Offset from the releases page.

The downloaded file is a compressed file. Extract the files. You should now have a directory tree similar to this:

├── bin
│   ├── stcompact
│   ├── stctrl
│   ├── stindex
│   ├── stmgr
│   ├── stnode
│   └── strelay


No special installation is required. Copy the resulting directory to any placed you would like on your system. For your convenience, you are recommended to add the bin directory to your working path.

To make sure that everything works correctly, run stmgr -V in your terminal. You should see output like this:

$ stmgr -V
stmgr 0.1.0